The crowd parts for you as you approach and the man who looks like he is in charge rubs his hands together and welcomes you.

Come play a simple game of dice with us! Rules are that you put down a bid, any amount will do, and based on what you roll with these two dice here, decides how much gold you get back (if any).
The chart is as follows:

Combined Roll of the 2d6 Gold multiplier
2 2x
3-4 1.5x
5-6 1x
7 0x
8-9 1x
10-11 1.5x
12 2x

There is also another version you can play if you want, where you guess the number that you will land on. Anything that is not the number you picked forfeits your gold to me. If you win, you get 3x the amount of gold you put in.

There is a woman who will come up to you while you are here and ask if you would like her to blow on the dice for luck.

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